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We know that good design means good business.

Pure white tells of holiness and peace, light and elegant, simple and refined. Its simplicity outlines the freedom and inclusiveness of space, upholds the tone of pure color, is compatible with the breadth of life aesthetics, and abstracts a light and white atmosphere. 


Live Your Best Style!

We know that good design means good business.

Each piece of luxury stone is unique. Compared with plain color, it adds golden texture, ethereal and connotation. Crisscross golden threads from inside to outside, light and luxurious, bright and unique. It seems to bring vitality, freedom and romance back home.

Picasso golden is suitable for making tabletops, walls, floors, etc. Luxury without vulgarity. The place used by Picasso golden is extremely beautiful.



Alpine White

committed to excellence

The Alpine White, which originates from the snow on Mont Blanc, is pure and elegant. The great mountains contain unspeakable natural forces. Under the light and shadow, the graceful lines and structures show his most essential side. The extremely poetic Alpine White makes people cannot help but want to have it at a glance!

Modern free style, Alpine white, simple and fashionable, transparent white, natural light, beautiful lines, modern freedom and neatness, express the tranquility and peace of space through pure artistic techniques, and create the hierarchical changes of Alpine white.


about me

Design Director of Vinstone

Choose the right design, life is all art. A piece of slab represents a kind of life.

Soft and hard, beauty and quality, they should be displayed at the same time.

Creation, love and interpretation come from my design.